The singer who performs just for you, making your evenings truly special

Alone or accompanied by performers: singers, saxophonist, percussionist, guitarist, violinist, dancers, stilt-walkers, acrobats…

Kate has a wide repertoire which she performs, and it belongs to very eclectic worlds: Jazz, Soul, Bossa Nova, Deep-house, Funk, Disco, Latino, Oriental, Dance, Rock, Pop, Rnb …with repeats of cult titles and hits of the moment.
A born entertainer and performer, she sings in several languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese and Russian) to take you on a fantastic journey using her voice and overflowing energy.

Her performances aim to be dynamic and to interact with your guests.
They are based on your personal choices and musical tastes, depending on the type of event, which might be private or corporate: drinks party, wedding, birthday party, bar- mitzvah, gala evening, inauguration, product launch….

All her teams of artists and technicians are at the ready, to participate in writing your story.

The singer & DJ who electrifies your events

Her concept is a remarkable one, based on the alternation of live singing and a DJ Mix (general interest ).

“Music is the language of souls and these melodies make your heartstrings vibrate, awakening the memory of feelings and touching us at the deepest level “
This universal Art accompanies each moment of our lives.

“You have to have music in yourself to make the world dance,” Nietzsche said, and that’s exactly what drives Kate, to provide you with strong emotions and compose vibrant symphonies in order to give you an extraordinary experience.

Her skills

A talented performer: she has a varied international repertoire, reprising major titles as well as hits of the moment: jazz, soul, deep-house, funk, disco, latino, oriental, dance, electro, rock, pop…

A born entertainer & performer, she sings in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. She brings an evening to life and knows how to create the highlights which make it a success. She knows how to adapt and create moments of emotion.

She is participative: her performances aim to be dynamic and are designed to interact with your guests.

She is at your disposal: she guides you and plans your event alongside you.

She manages the evening, advising you on the choice of your titles and the implementation of the timing according to your playlist and your own musical tastes.

She participates in all types of events: weddings, birthdays, bar-mitzvahs, gala evenings, openings, private or corporate parties.